Magic Vooodoo Dolls

Magic Voodoo Dolls is the first cooperation between DAO's in the Soonaverse platform ever!

Download the Magic Voodoo Dolls ROADMAP to see where the journey leads!


“Magic Voodoo Dolls” (also called MVDs) are metaphysical beings of powerful magic, only represented in NFTs. No one has ever seen a “Magic Voodoo Doll” in its natural habitat (the Tangle). Through a complex technical process and a little bit of Magic, The Magic Meme God, some mad scientists and the powerful Bokor were able to extract some Magic Quantum Photographs (the NFTs) out of the Tangle. Every Magic Quantum Photography (the NFT) incorporates the essence, the characteristics of that specific “Magic Voodoo Doll”. You can be an owner of the “Lucky Voodoo Doll” and therefore live a real life full of good luck. There are different Magic Quantum Photographs of the “Magic Voodoo Dolls” with different attributes. They are here to enhance your life. Please note, you’ll never own a real “Magic Voodoo Doll”, only a representation of it since these beings are extremely shy and love their freedom, also they are metaphysical!

Who's behind MVD's

"Magic Meme Money" is the community behind the NFTs called "Magic Voodoo Dolls".
They are the world's very first DAO-based NFT collection, created through a cooperation with the IOTA Content Creators DAO and many other DAOs.
Also, this is the first community project, together with the IotaPunks, to be launched in the Soonaverse.

100% For the community

100% of the funds raised during the NFT Sales of "The OG Collection" will go to the IOTA Content Creators DAO! This is a project from the community for the community!